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ZOOM Cloud Meetings review

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is an efficient and reliable mobile application providing the needed tools to hold work-related video conferences or private meetings. It is free and stable being developed by the American company.

Designed to be convenient

The app has an intuitive interface with a well-thought-out layout. On the Home page you will see four buttons: Schedule, Join, New Meeting, and Screen Share. Tapping one of them, you dive deeper and get the needed clues to achieve the result.

Capacity and other stuff

The capacity of this app impresses. You can hold a video meeting with 500 people at a time. The quality of the video or performance does not depend on the number of participants. You are suggested to view the meeting or take an active part in it. That is a brilliant result but it is available if you buy the correspondent plan! Or you can start with a free version providing less impressive performance but being very reliable and multifunctional. And again, consider the pro plans for the advanced features.

Thus, if you need a stable video conference service for a large company to apply, you can count on Zoom. It helps for huge corporations working over distance and staying efficient as if their employees work in the same office. In addition, this solid performance is highly reliable being the best at the market nowadays compared with the analogs.

Simple usage

When installed, the app can be adjusted to your needs and used without efforts. To start communication, you are expected to activate the "Host a Meeting" command, go to the menu and find it there, tap and follow the instructions inviting the contacts to join the event. There are certain time limits when a lot of participators are involved, but if you interact in a face-to-face mode, you can communicate as long as you want. You are suggested to share the information, pictures, files, the screen and so on. It is possible to send a group text or audio instantly.

We recommend this app

For those who are working from home or need to communicate with the colleagues over distance. The app is good for private use as well. It is packed with plenty of useful features and built-in collaboration tools, but there are some concerns as to its safety. Nevertheless, the service is the best one in this category nowadays.


  • It provides reliable and powerful performance
  • It invites over 500 persons to take part in a conference simultaneously
  • There are a lot of extra features enhancing the user experience


  • While the connection is secured, the video content can be reached by third parties
Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 9
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 9

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