Where to Spend your Summer Holidays? 3 Special Destinations

Summer is coming and with it a great desire for vacation. For anyone who wants to take a few days or weeks for himself, there are really a variety of destinations all to visit and discover for days of relaxation and well-being.

But which destinations are we talking about? In this guide we have decided to collect some of them, in order to give you some ideas for really dream holidays.


Would you like to spend days of fun? Then Salento is the perfect destination for you. In fact, in the most eastern region of our country you can have fun, do a good thing in a beautiful sea but also make the most of history and culture in particular cities. If, for example, you are preparing a family holiday, the perfect place for you is undoubtedly Lecce, with its baroque art and its sensational old town. If, however, you just want to have fun, you can not miss the bustling Gallipoli: a seaside town full of shores, beaches, clubs and a place where you can free your mind from thoughts.


Let’s stay in Puglia with the beautiful White City. Ostuni is the perfect place for a little ‘quieter holidays but always under the heat and a scorching sun. The name of this village comes from the lime that covers the characteristic houses of the historic center, candidly white. Among other things, in Ostuni, you can make a jump to the beautiful beaches that are about 8 km away. But if you prefer quiet walks, then you can not give up visiting the old town, really peculiar in its architecture. Here, you can decide to stay in a bed and breakfast Ostuni or spend a day at the light.


Sicily is also a perfect destination for summer holidays. In this case, there are so many places to see: you can start, for example, with Palermo, the beautiful capital of the region. Here, you can taste the tasty Sicilian cuisine and take a tour of the old town often crowded with a multitude of tourists. Then you can reach Etna, one of the largest active volcanoes in Europe. The route could be winding, but the view you will be able to see from above will be fantastic. Finally, you can visit Taormina, Agrigento and all the neighboring countries, to learn in its entirety all the culture that populates these places.

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