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VIZIO SmartCast™ review

VIZIO SmartCast is a mobile application that provides a perfect user experience with your browsing and viewing the video and audio content across multiple apps. It allows you to find the best content meeting your preferences and to enjoy it on your mobile device.

In black

The app can boast of attractive design. If you like the Dark Theme, it will please the eye. The navigation is very simple. The app suggests entering the information when you apply a search option, for instance, using a full keyboard. Or you are invited to apply a touchpad tapping or swiping for fast interaction with the software. 

Keep your experience under control

Applying this application, you will get access to numerous and diverse entertainment content. Look through the TV shows, movies, live streams, listen to the music you like, and enjoy the process. You are allowed to play and pause the videos and audios, adjust the settings, change volume, calibrate pictures, and enhance your experience in an advanced way.

It is possible to create your own list of favorites and use it when you have time for the rest. Enjoy this free access to the favorite content provided by the most popular sources using your TV/display. The app offers details like ratings, cast, synopsis, crew, and much more which can be looked through.


The app provides the discovery of the entertainment video content which can be enjoyed without much effort. You can launch it on your TV and watch the programs of the available channels. This is a smart tool helping you to refuse applying tons of other apps. It provides the content from all sources you may be interested in, to view, or listen to in one place. Now you can download this software and get an access to different popular apps to enjoy the movies and shows on the go. You can do it at any place you are at the moment and free of charge.

We recommend this app

If you prefer optimizing your activities, making things much simpler and more convenient. At that, you can be sure to get the content of the high quality and customize the user experience in accordance with your preferences.


  • There are diverse and simple controls
  • It allows us to stream to TV/display, speakers, soundbars
  • The concept is inviting and the technology is advanced


  • It is available in certain countries
  • The bugs are possible
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 9

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  • Do you need internet or wifi to connect for the use of smartcast
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  • It won't let me download until I enter my credit card info, and I can't use my Disney plus account on my visio TV until I cast it. I won't get another vizio. Now I have to cancel Disney plus until I can get a Samsung tv
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  • I have a Vizio E series. I WAS able to get MSNBC 2 weeks ago and now I can't and its the only thing I really watch. I have tried everything I know. Any ideas for me?
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  • Thanks for the review. I like the movie browser a lot, no need to use Google to look for the reviews now, it's all available in this app already. That's very neat. But for me, the wireless control is what this app does best. It really expands functions of your standard remote. And if you're not a movie lover you might download just Vizio Remote apk without the browser.
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