The Baths of Ischia, an Italian Natural Heritage

The best thermal baths of Ischia: to make a classification is almost impossible. Let’s start by saying that every municipality on the island of Ischia has a Thermal Park or Gardens: they are outdoor spas, beautiful gardens with flowers, plants, thermal pools where you can relax; in all there are six, one for each municipality. In addition, most of the thermal parks of Ischia also offer its customers a beach equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds.

The thermal heritage of the island of Ischia is vast, in fact it has more than one hundred hot springs, about seventy fumaroles and twenty-nine hydrothermal basins. The thermal gardens of Ischia take advantage of what the ancient Greeks and Romans had already discovered more than a thousand years ago: the exceptional healing power of the waters of Ischia, among the best in Europe, in fact, depending on their composition are a valuable tool for the treatment of various diseases such as arthrosis, fractures, neuralgia, muscle tears, female disorders, respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, bronchitis or laryngitis, but also skin diseases.

The waters of the thermal baths of Ischia can be classified into four different types: bicarbonate – calcium; bicarbonate – alkaline; transition; sulphate – chlorinated – alkaline. Many of the island’s thermal gardens have an agreement with the National Health Service and have an internal health department and a beauty center for beauty treatments. On the island of Ischia there are more than 100 highly qualified spas where, thanks to the sophisticated technologies used and cutting-edge scientific research, you can practice any type of therapy.

The most important springs for thermal treatments on the island of Ischia are:Bagno Fresco (Casamicciola Terme); Cappone (Casamicciola Terme); Castiglione (Casamicciola Terme); Cava Scura (Barano); Citara (Forio); Fornello e Fontana (Ischia Porto); Gurgitiello (Casamicciola Terme); La Rita (Casamicciola Terme); Paolone (Forio); Pontano (Ischia Porto); Regina Isabella (Lacco Ameno); Santa Restituta (Lacco Ameno); very important for its prosperous and splendid marine flora is the Poseidon Thermal Garden, which is located in the municipality of Forio, with 22 pools of thermal water in continuous change, saunas and solariums, whirlpools, but also bars, restaurants and a private beach. On the beach of Agnone, also in the municipality of Forio, the thermal water springs flow directly on the beach.

In addition, the fantastic spas of the best hotels in Ischia, are equipped with wellness trails with Turkish bath, spa pools, showers, emotional tiepidarium, sauna, but also gyms equipped with the latest generation of equipment. In conclusion, it is impossible to classify the best spas of Ischia because each has different characteristics and properties that make them unique in the world and, for this reason, they can not be compared with each other.

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