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SkyView Free review

SkyView is a beautiful stargazing app providing you with reliable and complete information about the sky and the objects in it. It offers to use the camera of your smartphone to identify the stars and planets in the sky regardless of the time of day. You will learn a lot of engrossing facts about the planets and stars.

Splendid visuals

The app has a simple, intuitive interface. It has the menu and search option icons on the top of the screen. You can activate them by simply tapping. The Night Mode adds to the visuals a lot and you can diverse it with red or green filters. To get the most out of the visuals, you should apply the Augmented Reality mode. You will be impressed with a mix of astronomic performances and reality.

What should be done to use it?

After downloading and opening the app, you will be suggested to set your location manually or let the GPS locator determine it. This information is needed to provide you with the entire sky-mapping service. The app will show you the sky with the details. Now you can point your mobile device at the sky and get the full idea of the stars over your head. This is a simple way to learn more about the planets and constellations even if you are not an astronomer. Scan across the sky and watch those far constellations in it, find out more about our solar system and distant galaxies. You can set the notification which will inform you about the coming astronomic events.


The app comes with diverse options that simplify and enhance your experience. You can stay informed of the celestial events thanks to the alerts, follow the sky objects in the sky finding out their path. It is compatible with Apple Watch allowing you to use it and view the stars. Also, you can apply the widgets to get the information you are interested in instantly. You can set the performances to watch the sky on a certain day in the past or in the future. You do not need WiFi and a data signal to enjoy the app.

We recommend this app

It's a beautiful and educational application for fun and professional interest. Paying $1.99, everybody can benefit from its functionality while camping, boating, or staying at home.


  • The app comes with plenty useful features
  • It allows to share the images on social networks
  • The interface is comprehensive


  • It is available in English only
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 8
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 7

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