Fortnite review

Fortnite is a title known for its incredible Battle Royal full of challenges and achievements. It is developed in the shooter genre providing rich playing experience within several modes. Start playing on the go and enjoy a mobile version of the game.

It looks and runs gorgeously!

Regardless of the mobile format, the graphics are superb. Its cartoonish style makes the battles much milder but still, they are engaging and breathtaking. Sounding supports visuals perfectly. You are suggested to adjust the settings to make a resolution or view distance more comfortable for you. In addition to fighting the characters are involved in building and the building mechanics are beyond any compliments. You will appreciate easy navigation and comprehensive controls.

Diverse gameplay

As any Battle Royale, the title invites you to fight until the only man survives. It sounds simple but in practice, the gameplay is rather complicated. Even the responsive controls will not help you to win if there is a lack of experience and correspondent skills. We hope that there will not be difficulties with understanding but it takes some time to polish your moves to succeed.

Be ready to explore the map which includes a lot of various areas with different landscapes and weather conditions. You will perform the tasks, complete the missions, and reveal the secrets erecting the fortresses, interacting with other characters, improving your ammunition, and getting ready for the coming fights.

You will play it for a long time

The title is rich in events and challenges that is why its replayability is strong. There are several modes and all of them are free. The most popular and discussed one is the Battle Royale which is really worthy of your attention. It will turn you inside out if you want to survive playing together with 100 players. It allows you to choose: heading for victory alone or join a squad of four.

There is the Save the World mode with a vital mission to complete. This is a single-player campaign requiring your skills and smartness. The other mode is the Creative editor. Here you can heave a sigh of relief and get involved into creatively building your surroundings. And at last, you are suggested to try the Playground Mode where you are supposed to build being tied to time.

We recommend this app

Download it if you are fond of the genre. It comes with updates and runs in a smooth manner. Be ready to get items, weapons, challenges, and new options constantly. If you want, you can benefit from the in-game purchases enhancing your experience. Though, you are able to win without spending your real money.


  • The title can boast of a brilliant cartoonish design
  • You are suggested to benefit from the diversity of modes
  • The title is absolutely free of charge


  • It is addictive
Graphics 10
Sound 8
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 9

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