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SHAREit - Transfer & Share review

SHAREit is a mobile application developed as a cross-platform tool for sharing. It is free and provides fast performance which is probably its key virtue. In addition, you can benefit from its rich functionality.

Nice design

The app is rather simple to use and can boast of a user-friendly interface with the well-structured layout. The navigation is comprehensive. You are expected to tap large Send and Receive buttons which are displayed right in front of you on the Home page. Below you will find the brief menu which can be extended after numerous updates. The additional options cause increasing of the app’s weight.


You can share video, audio, text content, wallpapers, GIFs and much more for business or just for having fun with your friends. The app is compatible with files of all types. You can be sure that the receiver will get exactly the file you have sent without changes of format or damage of the content. You can use a share zone where everybody leaves the content available to the public. Send messages with cute stickers or emoji, view videos, benefit from the in-built media player of the app allowing you to listen to the favorite music, enjoying a wide range of playlists both offline and online.

Open-ended opportunity

The app is quite simple. It operates applying Wi-Fi Direct providing an incredibly high speed of transfer. It is faster compared to Bluetooth. At that, you can send whatever you want to several devices at a time. You are not restricted with the size of files or its type. The app is able to take the content from your desktop computer and share that content. It comes with a utility app CLONEit providing a transfer of all your data from one device to the other for whatever reason. As far as the Internet connection is not used for sharing, the app is considered to be safe. Enjoy the advanced functionality and convenient user experience!

We recommend this app

Download it on your mobile device if you want to share the videos, pictures, audios, files of any format with any contacts for any purpose. It is safe and reliable providing almost instant sharing without compromising on quality.


  • It allows you to share the content without an active data connection
  • It is much faster than all existing technologies
  • It transfers between mobile devices and laptops


  • There is annoying ad
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 9

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