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Parkmobile - Easy paid parking review

ParkMobile is an application that allows you to find parking when you're on the go, reserve it beforehand and pay for it. The app is easy to use and efficient ensuring that you will get a parking spot when there is a need in it.

It is so simple!

The app is well designed in green and white with an uncluttered layout where you will find the needed menu on the top and on the bottom of the screen while the central part is occupied with the detailed information you are using at the moment. 

Why should you install it?

The app is very popular being used by over 18 million users. This is a smart tool delivering access to the lot, street, garage parking across the country. You can use it in over 350 cities in the US. It allows you to see the parking on the map and avoid the areas where you cannot park your car. You are allowed to arrange parking on the go using your mobile device and perform payment without much effort. It suggests to open an account for up to five cars and make reservations, extend the time of parking over the distance. If your parking session comes to the end, you will be informed with alerts beforehand.

Powerful tool is simple

You can use the app easily. Just enter the zone number, set the time of parking, and activate the start button in order to launch the session. If you want to arrange a parking reservation, you should find the place you are interested in, select a parking lot next to it, set the day and time, and confirm the data you have entered. If you feel that you can be late, find the option extending the time in your app and apply it on the go.

The app is full of extra options allowing you to find your car on the parking, and see the parking available in the streets in the area you are at the moment. You can set the notifications you want to get. You can save the convenient parking locations to return there next time. In addition, you are suggested to benefit from a helpful and friendly customer service available 24/7/365.

We recommend this app 

If you are a driver and experience the frequent need for parking around the cities. It will deliver the perfect user experience and the result which will make your everyday life easier.


  • The app allows you to pay for parking through PayPal and ParkMobile Wallet
  • It is really possible to find municipal parking for big events
  • There are notifications for the session inspired


  • The minor lags are possible
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 10
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 8

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  • I found a lot of useful info here! Thx
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  • I installed the parkmobile app. Entered in all my personal information and the damm thing kept crashing. I was late for my appointment messing with that thing. Just went into the nearest parking lot. Grr!!!
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  • Every time I use the park mobile app it will not allow me to change the time from the max amount. Please email me with any suggestions
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