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Opera Mini - fast web browser review

Opera Mini is a browser for fast and safe Internet surfing. It is well done and can be applied without a need of the special skills. The developer has managed to create the mobile app which is incredibly easy to use on the go providing lightning-fast search and responsive controls that you can hold with one hand.

Rewarded design

This web browser can boast of the highly intuitive interface and superb design being recognized by the Red Dot Award. You can perform all actions with one hand and that is a real virtue when you use the app on the go. There are settings allowing you to customize the environment and enjoy usage to the most extent. The Home Page is arranged with square tabs containing links to your favorite websites for fast downloading. Navigation is performed with tapping, swiping, and holding.

Simple Usage

Download the Opera Touch browser and open it. That’s it! There is nothing else to do. You have a powerful tool for browsing! With its help, you will find and download any web content in no time. You are suggested to enter a keyword in a search box or apply voice search – do anything you like to find the needed content. Also, the app scans QP codes and provides access to the website it links to. You should be confident in safety when you use this app which provides end-to-end encryption and other features protecting your smartphone. The app is available with advertisement but you can purchase the ad blocker to remove it.


The app can boast of a VPN allowing you to get access to forbidden websites, a built-in ad blocker preventing you from the commercials, and a battery saver making your smartphone to run longer without a need in recharging. There is a unique feature - Video Pop Out. Allowing you to play video in a separate window. Also, you can benefit from the extremely convenient Speed Dial option allowing you to arrange your Home page as you like generating various live tiles. Opera is able to sync all your browsing, and you will find your settings and history on other devices easily.

We recommend this app

Mobile web browser developed by Opera Software AS for very fast search results. If you want to get the perfect browsing experience, download it, and enjoy its functionality.


  • This is the fastest browser even compared to popular Google Chrome
  • There is a battery-saver mode
  • The navigation can be performed following the gestures


  • There is no social sharing feature
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 9

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Opera Mini - fast web browser Opera Mini - fast web browser