On Holiday in Salento in August

Salento is one of the richest lands in history, magic, flavours and colours that the whole of Italy has to offer. Spending your holidays in Salento can be a wonderful opportunity to combine a little ‘well-deserved rest to the pleasant cultural, food and wine and sports that this beautiful land can offer.

August is the month most rewarded by many vacationers who prefer it for its comfort: in fact, finding apartments for rent in Salento in August is quite simple. Not only will you avoid the crowds of July’s beaches, but the still warm climate will allow you to enjoy the wild beauty of Salento to the full, without the hectic pace of the peak periods for tourism.

Why Salento is Special

The Salento is special for a wide range of reasons, each better than the other and all to discover first hand. First of all, it is a region rich in nature and geography, which overlooks two seas completely different and of which you can see the differences and unparalleled beauty: on the one hand based coast and rich in pristine beaches of Polynesian beauty, on the other high coast and jagged for lovers of breathtaking views. In all, two hundred and fifty kilometers of beautiful coastline. But the beautiful sea is obviously not the only reason why Salento is special: for centuries a crossroads of cultures and peoples, this stretch of land is full of culture, history and art, which find their best expression in the melting pot that is the population: a lunch or dinner with typical Salento specialties will convince you that taking apartments for rent in Salento in August was the best choice you could do!

What to See

The best tourist destinations are those most loved by tourists who every year storm the two coasts of Salento. The best way to visit them is to proceed with method, tasting the coast beach by beach in an itinerary that also includes cities and places of interest. The ideal itinerary includes Torre dell’orso, Santa Cesarea, Alimini and its magnificent lakes, Otranto and Castro with its caves. On the Ionian coast, on the other hand, there are destinations for young people, such as Gallipoli and Porte Cesareo, where you can go wild with the crazy nightlife of the holidays.

Where to Stay

The Salento is rich in tourist facilities, such as hotels, b’n’b and room rentals, so you will not have difficulty finding the structure that suits you: but a dispassionate advice is to make you as autonomous and independent as possible to dive into the real life of Salento, with the opportunity to live as you live the real Salento, perhaps taking advantage of one of the many apartments for rent in Salento in August. In this way you can move around at will without time constraints or money.

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