Minecraft review

Minecraft app is a pocket edition of the original video game intended for mobile devices. It comes as a multiplayer where everything is made of LEGO bricks. You will be involved in plenty of activities playing with other players all over the world. Be ready to explore the surroundings, fight, raid, build, communicate, and be involved in many more activities.

It looks fine

Regardless of its rather simple visuals where every detail is made of the bricks, the game looks very vivid and attractive with its randomly generated world. Tons of details make it extremely interesting to play and create various simple or complicated objects.

Your tasks

Here you will navigate a character that will create his world erecting new buildings, communicating with the neighbors, defending his land, and staying alive to continue. Start with the creation of your avatar and commence your digital life exploring the diverse world. Be ready to start without resources which are needed to build and fight and live. You are suggested to mine and pick them up. There are some modes and if you choose the Creative mode, you can count on a wide choice of resources. This is a kind of sandbox where the gameplay allows you to create various things. There is also the Survival mode where you will protect your houses from invaders. Playing this game, you may feel that there is a lack of instructions for users. If an experienced gamer can take it as a challenge, the beginner may feel frustrated.


It is almost impossible to stop playing the game because its frequent updates will bring a new experience. There are so many challenges and tasks here, that you will get engaged in the app for a long time. In order to add to complicity, you can buy the new packs, beautiful skins, and unique maps. Customize surroundings so that you can diverse even more. You can try a game getting a free 30-day trial. Here you can practice so that you could take part in the multiplayer servers to compete with others. In addition to rich modes, there are also mini-games with new challenges.

We recommend this app

Minecraft is for you if you like LEGO and are ready to get engaged into this virtual world full of events. It can boast of an amazing story providing plenty of resources to diversify your experience


  • The retro style of the visuals looks quite superb
  • The customization is very high here
  • There are several subscription options to choose from


  • The minor bags are possible
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Gameplay 10
Lasting Appeal 10

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