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Microsoft Word review

Microsoft Word is a mobile application that allows you to process a text in different ways. Its desktop version extremely popular in the business field. They have much in common but you should be ready to face some restrictions.

Functional design

As far as this app is intended to process the textual content, it is designed in a rather strict style with a lot of tools in its menu. The diversity of options impresses. You can edit the text and view it by applying your touch experience. Even when you read the text on a small screen, you’ll be able to perform various tasks in a proper way.

What exactly is it for?

The app allows you to express your thoughts in writing and make it in a stylish manner applying various layouts and formats. It is possible to open the docx, xlsx, pptx files, view them, and edit.  You can leave your comments in docs near the line you want to comment, provide access to the file for common editing. Mind that you are not able to insert an image to the document and change fonts.

Still, the most options are available allowing you to emphasize something in a text and do it readable with a larger size of the font or zooming it up. If you are not sure of your spelling, leave this task to the artificial intellect. There is the technology correcting your spelling.

Usage is simple

The instruction is displayed on the screen and you can easily follow it to the result. You can create a doc, save it right in the app in one of the available folders: new, recent documents and folder. Share any of them with your colleagues making a few taps. You can invite your team to read the text, leave their comments, or even edit. The author of the doc can provide permission to use this file.

Any office employees can be involved in the process connected with the procession of texts. Now they can do it on the go using a mobile device and applying the powerful features of the app. You are allowed to benefit from the app for free, but if you want to have more diverse functionality, you should pay for a subscription.

We recommend this app

The free app is useful even in a basic package. But if you want to have more features, you should pay for the subscription. If you need some assistance, you can turn to the Office Blog with the company’s experts ready to help.


  • The mobile version resembles the desktop origin too much
  • It allows you to create, edit, save, store, and share the textual content
  • It is highly customizable


  • The free version comes short of features
Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 8
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 9

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