Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie


Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie review

Marco Polo is a video messaging app that is extremely popular among teens. You can forget about the phone calls and get in touch with your friends via the app in real-time. It is updated every week coming with new features, better details of design, and smoother performance.

It is so simple!

The app comes with a user-friendly interface being similar to the analogs. The navigation is very simple and you cope with all options without efforts. To talk to your friend, just tap Start, and to cease a conversation, just tap Stop.


Though the app comes in an obvious social media format, still it is not quite social media in the broad sense of the word. The point is that it is adapted to your preferences, this is your private online area where only trusted people are invited. In order to be added to someone’s contacts, you should receive permission. And on the contrary, you will be asked to permit someone to join you here. If you want to refuse this option, you can adjust the settings to your preferences. You can see the contacts if they have their account here and you can invite the others to join the app.

There is no randomly generated content. Thus, your feed depends on your contacts. And by the way, there is no public feed. Considering the high level of safety, the parents can be satisfied with it. The app provides the video calls feature and allows you to make the face-to-face text messaging, to send your photos. There is no restriction as to the length of a message or weight of the video because the content is stored in the cloud, while the storage of your mobile device remains free.

Guarantees of the developer

First, the app is highly safe because the developer does not collect and sell your personal information. No data is used for advertisement purposes. There are several variants of the app and of course, the level of protection is higher if you subscribe. Still, the free version is also reliable and runs in a smooth manner. The premium product provides expanded functionality which is definitely worthy. Anyway, Marco Polo does not allow someone to find you if he does not know your phone number.

We recommend this app

Nice application with three key features. You can arrange chatting with text messages, video calls, and communication via social media. The only app provides you with three tools suited to any fancy.



  • The app is ad-free
  • The developer ensures that they do not collect the personal data of users
  • It provides the service of high quality


  • The lags are possible
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 9

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