Hangouts review

Hangouts is a free application intended for video and voice calls mostly. In addition, you are suggested to chat privately or in groups. Install Hangout on your mobile device and enjoy its rich functionality and steady operation.

Simple as it could be

Even a dummy will be able to use this app due to its user-friendly interface with a comprehensive layout. When you launch it, you will find yourself on the Home page with a brief menu. Tapping it, you will get access to categories that allow you to perform the action you need. Mind, that it differs from its web version but not too much.

Its key purpose

The app is developed to provide an easy tool for online interaction between friends or colleagues. You can arrange a video call with up to 10 persons simultaneously. First, you create your contact list and then invite people mentioned in it. You can switch off the microphone so that you could listen to the others only, or even refuse the camera if you do not want to be viewed. And you are allowed to quit without conventional niceties.

The app is focused on video calls but the other ways of communication are also available. You can apply a chatting function to communicate with up to 150 people from your Google contacts. It comes with additional options enhancing communication like emoji, stickers, and visual effects including animated GIFs. Mind that your talks are synchronized on all your devices.


As we have mentioned, the app is simple to use. It allows you to find friends by a phone number, add them to your list and get in touch with them when you need it. Most actions are performed with simple tapping. You can invite your contacts to join the conversation making a single tap on the name. The list can be scrolled down or you can apply a search option to speed up the process. The privacy is guaranteed by the developer who applies the reliable in-transit encryption to protect messages. And by the way, you can turn your conversation into a group video call restricted with 10 persons without much effort.

We recommend this app 

Try it if you are fond of video calls. This is not the only tool at the market and perhaps it does not provide the unique features but it is free, lightweight, and reliable. Moreover, the well-arranged chatting area brings a lot of fun too.


  • Due to its safety, the app can be used both for private and business purposes
  • It allows to call any phone number
  • It can be managed with Google Cloud


  • The calls to on-Hangout users are charged
Interface and Design 10
Key Functions 8
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 9

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