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Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V is a title inviting you to enjoy the action-adventure genre to the most extent. Here you will be provided with the perfect visuals, breathtaking story, and quite challengeable gameplay. Download it on your mobile device and have fun! 

Advanced Graphics

The design comes with realistic and complicated details helping you to immerse yourself into the goings-on up to the hilt. The visuals are one of the strongest point of the app providing an effect of being there. The characters are unique and full of personality. The surroundings are full of the magic landscapes, urbanscapes, different biomes with correspondent sceneries.

Skills are required

The gameplay is diverse providing you with various challenges, tasks, and conditions. It will not be easy to succeed but you will enjoy the gaming process. The tension will add to the atmosphere making you to get focused on tasks and puzzles polishing your skills and developing logical thinking. As far as you will face a wide range of events to cope with in this open-world game, you should be sure to understand the controls and polish your moves to respond to the challenge rapidly.

Every next step is involving

You will play this game in the non-stop mode as far as it is addictive and interesting being packed with engrossing stories. From the very beginning, you will learn about three characters, which will pass through the story together. They are a bank robber, a street hustler, and a psychopath. These vibrant heroes meet to commit heists because they need money. The decision will bring them a lot of troubles delivered by the dangerous criminal underworld. In addition, they will be chased by the police.

You are suggested to navigate any of the characters or switch between them when you want. The title is full of funny situations and different activities. Be ready for fantastic adventures trading contraband, managing a Motorcycle Club participating in races, and much more. You are suggested to create your own content and issue it within the GTA community.

We recommend this app

Without any doubt, it will give a perfect impression of the high-quality game with grave tension and at the same time with subtle humor which will make you laugh. This is a perfect way to have fun and polish your playing skills.


  • The game looks very good
  • You can enjoy the diversity of challenges
  • The plot is interesting


  • There are violence and strong language
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 10

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  • I hope i get gta5 for free.
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  • Very informative, you get the point. Thx, for the review!)
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  • For real because of corona i Do nothing, i juste have 1 game PS4, so please give GTA 5 for free.
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