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Garmin Connect Mobile review

Garmin Connect is an application allowing you to track your health state on the go. It brings the fitness data while you are walking, running, training. It counts your steps, keeps your body state under control providing the detailed information, and tracking your progress. This is the free access to fitness community where all your undertakings will be supported.

Looks good, runs fast

The app can boast of a simple and clear interface with a comprehensive layout. You will benefit from the enhanced graphics which come with a range of options allowing you to personalize the app and customize the stats you get. The developer has restyled it recently and we think that it was not the final improvement.

Peculiarity of usage

First, in order to use the app, you should connect it with a compatible mobile device. When this is done, it starts tracking your activity. To get the most out of it, you should set it in accordance with your preferences. Create your workouts, develop your own courses, invite friends to join you, or connect with other users of the app and find like-minded persons for additional motivation. The activities can be uploaded wirelessly. There is a My Day page where you can look through your health data by the current moment. The app makes the statistics.

Packed with features

The app allows you to tailor digital insights to your habit. You will get healthy living tips focused on your needs. From now on, you will follow the schedule, compete with your mates in weekly challenges, and track your progress. If you complete the tasks, you will earn badges. If you want to compare your results with other users of the app, go to Insights. You can get cues to move and tips to enhance the result from the trustful experts. You can synchronize the app with MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Strava.

We recommend this app

This service is for you if you are interested in your healthy living and want to beat yesterday results becoming healthier and stronger. You can apply the existing training plan or develop your own one and enjoy the rich functionality of the app helping you to achieve the expected result.


  • The app is focused on the result providing a strong motivation for you to continue your training
  • It provides access to virtual coaches
  • It allows you to build your own network of minded fitness people
  • Convenient drag and drop widgets are allowing to navigate easily


  • There can be some difficulties with understanding the option
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 8
Usability 7
Cross-platform use 8

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  • This app is awesome and I know what I'm talking about. I was using wristbands by Xiaomi and Fitbit for almost a year each. The connection between the Mi band and my phone was horrible, but I loved its fitness program and managed to lose a few pounds. Fitbit was okay too, but it has erased all my data once. I bought Garmin vivosport a month ago and everything seemed to be okay until I lost one. Okay, I got a new one and now I want to ask how to download activities from Garmin Connect to watch? I know there should be an option for this but can't find it anywhere.
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