A zeal for Money: Introduction


In today’s fast-growing world people are very curious about money and making it grow exponentially. Everyone around is too keen on becoming rich be it the people in the working class or a college student but are perplexed at the very thought of it. Everything that one can think of today has become a very good business and, as a result, a means of earning a very good income. So has earning money and making money out of the money one has. The enthusiasm for becoming independent at a very young age has paved the way for many business opportunities and one such example is the Stock Market.

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“Money often costs too much”:


Over the last two decades, the Indian stock market has expanded dramatically and evolved into a viable business. Previously, investment opportunities were limited to or revolved solely around bank deposits and government asset classes. However, if you take a close look at the financial world today, you will see that there are numerous investment possibilities available to assist people to thrive and develop their wealth.

Technology improvement has paved the way for cutting-edge businesses and given rise to countless wealth-building financial businesses. These technologically developed apps are directly linked to the stock market. Accessing the stock market has become much easier with the help of these investment applications. Whether individuals want to know the market update, the share value of any firm in the market, or financial guidance and investment recommendations from advisers, everything is simply available with a single touch on the screen.

Creating financial apps brought investors and markets closer together than ever before, resulting in a hugely large business. Furthermore, these apps reduced the cost of investment and provided investors with a means to enter worldwide markets. Furthermore, the number of investors participating in the stock market today has increased as a result of these trading apps.

In 2017, approximately 35.6 million users used investment apps, but that number is expected to increase to more than 150 million by 2021. Investors may now assist themselves with investment using mobile apps, thanks to the involvement of middlemen such as brokers and banks.



These apps are changing the way investors invest and making things easier for them. Furthermore, these integrated apps have contributed to the growth of global markets and internet trade. Over the previous few years, there has been a surge in the stock market trading and the opening of new Demat accounts. During the epidemic, the number of investors in the stock market increased significantly. Unlike in the past, investment applications have eliminated the need for middlemen such as brokers, bankers, and so on. You can use these apps to immediately buy shares on any stock exchange (NSE/BSE), buy mutual funds online, trade commodities, and so on. The thrive for money has driven the world towards a whole new business system which has grown manifold over the years and is likely to shine more.