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Facebook review

Facebook is a convenient application that will bring you to your favorite familiar environment within the incredibly popular social media. It comes almost with all options and possibilities you can find within the web analog. For sure, you will enjoy communicating with your friends on the go.

No efforts to use

The app is well designed having been improved from time to time to provide a user with even better experience. If you have a Facebook account on the website, you will cope with the navigation here easily. Though, the new updates come with additional features and changes. On your Home page you will find the five key icons: News Feed, People, Messages, Notifications, and More. In order to dive deeper, you are expected to tap the one and continue with tapping, scrolling, or swiping.

Multifold possibilities

Just as the original, this app allows you to find friends, join other members of this social media, create groups, and communicate with anybody accessible. There are plenty of useful features. You can benefit from a Nearby Friends option showing the people from your contact list located nearby. Thus, if you are traveling, you can invite them to meet or ask them for help. You will always get the coming information from your News Feed full of posts. You are free to view them, to like, comment, share. As usual, you can post your own information and get likes from other users of the app. There are a lot of functions connected with the management of pictures. It is possible to save them in the particular album, rearrange, add comments, mark the persons on a photo.

How should you use it?

If you want to personalize the app, you should find the settings and adjust them to your expectations. You should start with the Settings menu where there are options allowing you to apply the security, notifications, and other functions. You can make changes in your profile and replace the cover photo. Any your action can be easily performed following the instructions displayed on the screen. Find new friends, keep in touch with the existing ones and do it easily. Set your status, add any content including tags, emoji, and inform the other people of your current location.

We recommend this app

Any user of Facebook should download this app on the mobile device to have rapid access to your friends on the go. The developer guarantees the high level of protection of your personal data and allows you to manage privacy adjusting the settings as you like.


  • The design has a lot in common with the website
  • The app is constantly updated
  • There are plenty of useful features


  • There can be unwanted content in your News Feed
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 10
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 9

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