ClassDojo review

ClassDojo is a completely free application helping teachers to arrange and diverse classes. It adds useful activities with a timer and various tools for parents allowing them to be involved, track the learning process of their kids and at the same time, this is an easy possibility for a student to get the support of his parents and classmates, to stay informed and so on. There is a prescription for additional features.

User-friendly design

The app is well done providing easy ways to work in teams. It can boast of a kid-friendly user-interface with a simple layout. You can navigate it without a need in the instructions. At the same time, it meets the requirements as to parent control.

The key goal

The app is made to build a positive culture inside the classroom, provide the proper behavior and high level of engagement of students during the lessons. This is a tool that helps to make a well-interacting community consisting of the teachers, students, and their parents. Using the app teachers can encourage their students to develop the particular skills, send photos and videos informing parents about the results and events. Thus, parents are always keeping up with the things going on at school.

What exactly is it for?

The app allows us to solve a math problem with hints, to record a video with, to send it to a teacher for feedback. The user can message to his parents right during the classes to keep them in the loop. This is a virtual bridge between the home and school which increases the involvement and helps to share the classroom successes with the family. The app gives award points if a kid proves his skills meeting the expectations of the teacher. Also, you can set the gentle reminders. There is an option allowing to track the student behavior. All these numerous options are built into a single application for your mobile devices.

We recommend this app

Handy ClassDojo with perfect features which is able to help the students to succeed, their parents to follow the process, and render assistance when it is needed and to the teachers to be informed of a student’s progress.


  • It has an incredibly user-friendly interface
  • There are tons of useful options facilitating management of the classroom
  • It works on all mobile devices


  • It works better when all parents of the students in the class are signed up
  • The lags are possible with certain mobile devices
Interface and Design 10
Key Functions 9
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 8

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