Top 5 Fun Things to Do Online with Friends

In this article, we have collected the best apps to have distant fun with your friends. The list includes both chats and games with strangers who can also become your friends. Check these apps out and find some cool options!

Apps for Friends That You Will Love

Board games

Want to play a board game with your friends, but can't get together due to quarantine? Here's an online alternative Monopoly game. The gameplay is exactly the same as the real one, and you can also choose the interior of the room. Roll the dice by shaking your laptop or another smart device. You can play against artificial intelligence, but it's much more fun to beat real players.

monopoly game poster


We all need motivation. Usually, we have a strict coach at the gym, but at home, you have to work on your motivation by yourself. In this case, MyFitnessPal will come to the place. MyFitnessPal is a real online gym where you can exercise and challenge your friends. Who will do more push-ups? Call your friends out and organize a real work out battle! Also, you have to run a daily diary with calories and exercise. Compare the results once a week, so that's the motivation not to give up.

myfitnesspal fitness app

Self-development and making friends

How many times you have said to yourself: 'I really need to learn a foreign language, but I don't have much time.' What about learning languages and making friends abroad?

Tandem is one of the most famous languages learning apps, with over 5 million registered users. When signing up, you need to state your native language and select the languages ​​that you want to learn. Then you will be asked three questions, where you have to provide detailed answers. After passing the moderation, you will be able to find a companion who matches you by age, interests, and languages. You can send text and voice messages, call up, exchange photos and videos. The chat has an auto-correction function and a built-in translator.

tandem language learning app

Online party

The lockdown cut off all possible gatherings, so here's a cool idea: order food delivery from your favorite restaurant with your friends, and get use apps for a party online. For Apple owners, FaceTime group conference provides up to 32 participants at the same time. When was the last time you met with such a large squad? Moreover, the service is already built in your iOS gadget and is totally free to use.

Another cool option for users of Android and iOS platforms is Houseparty. The name of the app hints that this is a house party app. Unlike others, Houseparty is described more like a game app. Its interface reminds of Snapchat, and the functionality is quite simple: there is no home page (instead of it you will see your face), the ability to choose a username, connect contacts and communicate via video chat.

houseparty social app

Okay, I'm Bored in the House

Even in terms of less strict quarantine, it's important to stay inside more. So, you can entertain yourself by getting some fun online games and gather with your friends and cousins. Choose an option that suits you the most! By the way, what is your favorite online game option at the moment?

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