How To Set Up Voicemail on Your iPhone

Got a new iPhone? Then, it's essential to learn how to set up iPhone voicemail feature. This option allows you to get, view, and respond to the voicemails easily. You can organize, delete, and play voice messages using this handy feature. However, first, you should find out how to use your iPhone and how to set up voice mail function.

Note: This feature should be initially installed on most new iPhone models, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, although you have to check if the iOS on your gadget is up to date before setting up. To do this, go to Settings>General>Software Update.

So, if you’re having iPhone voice mail problems, head over to the article below and use a simple guide.


Steps to Set Up Voicemail on Your iPhone

The process of setting up is quite simple. You don’t have to get an IT master’s degree to complete it. This is how it works:

Step 1: Open the Phone app at the bottom of your iPhone screen. You can notice the Voicemail icon is displayed at the bottom of the phone window in the right corner. Click on this option to open a visual voicemail.

Step 2: The Voicemail screen should look like a blank space with a Setup button in the center of the screen. Tap this button and proceed. Now you have a choice: if you have previously used the iPhone voicemail service and are already signed in, you can insert your old password here to access your old voicemails automatically. If you haven't used the Voicemail feature before, you must create a new password and enter it one more time. After you've completed this step, select Done.

Step 3: Your iPhone will now show the Welcome screen. If you don’t mind the greeting, you can choose Standard and tap Done to skip the step. To record a personalized greeting, select Custom and Record to record your words. You can play to repeat it several times and record it until you’re happy with the result. When you are satisfied, select Done.

By finishing all the steps mentioned in the guide, your iPhone voicemail is now officially set up. You can share voice messages using AirDrop, send them to other people, save them in the form of audio recordings to save space, and more. If you wonder how to set up voice mail on iPhone 10, the algorithm will be the same. Follow the steps above and set up the voice mail feature within several minutes.


How To Get Voice Mail on iPhone

Call your carrier if you cannot access your voice mailbox. While setting up your voicemail, some complications may arise, so you can contact your carrier to learn how to solve your problem.

AT&T - (800) 331-0500 or 611 from your iPhone.
Verizon - (800) 922-0204 or * 611 from your iPhone.
Sprint - (844) 665-6327
T-Mobile - (877) 746-0909 or 611 from your iPhone.
Boost Mobile - (866) 402-7366
Cricket - (800) 274-2538 or 611 from your iPhone.

Can I Use the Voice Mail Set Up on iPhone?

Check if you’re all set up and feel free to use this amazing and convenient option. The iPhone’s voicemail feature will collect and remind you if you have unread voice messages, so you won’t miss anything important. Remember that you can always contact your carrier if something went wrong. By the way, tell me if this tutorial was helpful for you. Do I have to make more articles like these?


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