How to Save and Share Voicemails on iPhone: Ultimate Guide

In our time, text messages are losing their popularity. Sometimes it is too hard a task to type a message when you are walking, drinking coffee, or looking for your bus. Therefore, voicemails are a more comfortable and faster way to communicate with your friends, relatives, and colleagues. And, of course, like a text message, a voice message can contain very important information that you will, probably, want to save. How can you do it on the iPhone? 

How to save a voice message on the iPhone? 

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Users can save the voicemails as a note or a voice memo in a few steps instead of keeping them stored in the voicemail box. For this, you need to open Phone settings and go to the Voicemail menu item. Here, you can see the list of all available and received voice messages. Select only those that you want to save.

After that, tap the Share sign with a small square and the arrow on the top — ios9 phone voicemail share icon. ios9 phone voicemail share icon

Then, you will see several options, including ‘Add to notes’ and ‘Voice Memos’.  The last option allows you to save the message to the Voice Memo app. It provides you with several editing features and automatically backed up all files to iTunes. Choose the option and tap on it to save the messages. Moreover, you can copy it or Save it to Files. If you are not finding what you want, you can simply press ‘More’ options and find other variants here. 

How to share a voice message on the iPhone? 

Also, the iPhone allows you to share the voicemails. The processes are almost similar to saving. If you want to share the messages, you need to repeat the first, second, and the third steps from the previous section — go to Phone and tap Voicemail. After that, find the share sign and press it. Choose the most comfortable way to share the message: Airdrop, Message, Mail, or you can tap the ‘More’ option and find more variants. After selecting the option, wait a few minutes until the file sending process is finalized. Similar to that, you can share the files Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on. The iPhone’s developers are trying to keep this process simple and consistent. 

Quickly share and save voice messages 

As you can see, there are only five steps to save and share the messages: go to Phone, press Voicemail, select the messages, tap the Share sign, and choose the option you want to use. How often do you use the voicemails in your everyday life? In your opinion, what is the more comfortable way to communicate: through voice or text messages? Why? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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