How does Facebook Messenger Work: a Complete Guide

What is Facebook Messenger? How to use Messenger? It is usually called a communication tool. I will tell you more about its main functionality, the process of downloading, and installing on a laptop or phone. Using it, you can quickly send various messages to other users on Facebook. Let's take a closer look at various versions of the Messenger, their peculiarities, and how to use Messenger on Facebook on different devices.

Facebook Messenger Guide for Web & Mobile Users

The browser version of the Messenger is straightforward and convenient to work with. The interface is similar to most of the other popular social networks and chats programs. On the left side of the window, you will see all the dialogues with your friends. Click on the name of the person you need, and the contents of the correspondence will be opened at the right window. To start a video call or a regular voice call, click on the corresponding buttons in the upper right corner of the screen. To send your friend a sticker or emoji, click on the smiley icon next to the text field for entering messages.

However, if you are using Facebook Messenger on a smart gadget, there are more features to choose from. In the mobile version, you can always stay in touch with your acquaintances from the social network and send simple SMS messages on mobile phones using the application window from Facebook. Moreover, the mobile app has an option of location sharing, so the interlocutor could find you if needed. Another characteristic distinguishing these versions is the type of use. The Messenger application for iPhone or Android must be installed as a separate app from the app store.

There are also some functions that make Messenger by Facebook on mobile phones a really cool app. For example, if you want to have a rest from annoying notifications, you can turn them off completely or selectively. For all chats, notifications can be disabled this way: Settings>Notifications>Mute>Select the time. After that, you can set the time when the Messenger won't send you any notifications about chats. 

Do you want to feel the magic of technology? Turn on the Photo Magic function in the settings. It will recognize your Facebook friends in pictures taken with a smartphone and offer to send them a picture. If not all group chats are equally interesting to you, you can pin your favorite penpals to the top of the Chats page. Then they will not get lost among the less important collective chats. You can also quickly change the names of your friends in the chat, and they won't even know it. To do this, click on the contact information icon and then select 'Nicknames'.

Do You Like Facebook Messenger?

Now you understand what Messenger on Facebook is, how to use it in a browser or on a smartphone, and how to give nicknames to your friends. Remember, once you launch the mobile app, other people will be able to see the last time you entered the chat, so get ready to chat and communicate quickly! Using a Facebook Messenger, you can not only chat but also call and make video chats with groups of friends. Have you already tried it? Let me know!

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