Present and Future of Gear VR headset

We hope that you have heard the recent announcement of Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. We are not going to talk about these magnificent devices and their features, but we would like to mention some vital detail. It is such a shake to know that these devices will not be compatible with the Gear VR headset of this brand. This is not a joke, and you have to believe us if you’ve not known about this by this moment. Why is it so?

Well, the representatives of Samsung said they decided that these flagship phones should not support the headset because the company does not believe in perspectives of the Gear VR due to the disbanding of a partnership between Samsung and Oculus. Still, they confirmed that they would continue to work at VR and AR to provide consumers with stunning new experiences.

With the back exposed to Gear VR

In order to make Gear VR used with mobile phones, years ago, Samsung entered into an agreement with Oculus owned by Facebook. Within the framework of that deal, Samsung suggested the hardware design and was going to produce the product while Oculus agreed to develop the software. Now because the companies decided to pull the plug, the software component is absent.

Again, Samsung didn’t speak a word about Gear VR during its Unpacked event. By the way, the headset has not been updated since 2017. The Galaxy S10 phones announced in February are the last devices supporting Gear VR via an adapter. Everybody has expected that new phones will continue the story, but here comes disappointment. In addition, the headset cannot be bought in Samsung’s store anymore, but it is available on Amazon. There are some questions, and we are looking for more details, but even now it looks like the beginning of an end.

The future

Despite this sad story about the unhappy cooperation, Gear VR may still continue to be sought-after at the market. To say the least, it is compatible with older Samsung phones. In addition, it can be used as a tool at film festivals and other events where there is a need to show VR. And if the price reduces, Gear VR can be demanded as a perfect equipment for classrooms.

Still, all the above events and other announcements like the refusal of Google to make the Pixel 3A support the Daydream platform suggests an idea that phone-based VR has no future.

Only Hope Is Left

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