People In Relationships Use Dating Apps During Lockdown

The latest social study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of LELO revealed some interesting facts about the behavior of dating apps users that are in relationships during the lockdown. The scientists polled 1 000 single Americans and the same number of people in relationships. Here is what they found.

It seems that COVID-19 pandemic is a great chance for couples to get closer and build stronger relationships. However, the results of the study show completely different trends: many couples, on the contrary, are trying to isolate themselves from each other. According to a survey, 42% of all polled Americans that are in relationships, reported that they downloaded a dating app after the government announced a quarantine in the country.

Dating apps picture

But it is not the only way of stepping out for Americans in relationships. A third of the respondents reported that they reached their ex during the quarantine. By the way, 37% of singles also said that they started to communicate with their exes. Another interesting finding is that people in relationships are more likely to use social networks, like Instagram, to chat with their exes. Moreover, more than half of respondents (54%) reported that it seemed that their past feelings were catching them again.

Obviously, those were not the results the scientists expected to find. What conclusions can we draw from this? Social distance and forced constant stay with a partner in the same room leads people to thoughts about their past relationships.

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