New Windows Virtual Desktops Update Simplifies the Starting Process

On April 30, Microsoft released a set of updates for Windows Virtual Desktop. It aims to simplify the work for IT admins who provide synchronized work between corporate Windows or Mac machines.

Windows Virtual Desktops: Why You Need It

Windows Virtual Desktops is a virtual desktop infrastructure that runs in the cloud. This tool allows IT admins to do complex work fast and easy. Some of the service’s functionalities and key features include:

  • Multi-session Windows 10;
  • Deploying and scaling on Azure;
  • Supporting RDS environments;
  • Security improvements, etc.

Windows Virtual Desktops Azure

The first two features, multi-session and deploying on Azure were affected by the latest updates the most. From now, the IT departments can deploy their applications faster. They still need to know Azure but the overall process became much easier. Brad Anderson, Microsoft’s corporate VP for Microsoft 365, in his interview to TechCrunch commented on these updates: “I think the usage of virtualization where you are virtualizing running an app in a data center in the cloud and then virtualizing it down will grow. This will introduce a secular trend and growth of cloud-based VDI”.

In addition to simplifying the management process, Microsoft made it possible to organize the video meetings in these virtual environments through Microsoft Teams.

Have you already used the newest features? If yes, share your experience.

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