E3 Cancellation: What Did Major Companies Say?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or just E3, in short, is one of the most known and important events in the gaming industry. It is the place where all major developers, publishers, hardware manufactures gather together to introduce and discuss new upcoming game releases. However, with the spread of Covid-19, the event, like many other popular events, was canceled. How did key market players react to such a statement?


Microsoft did not give any detailed comments about the cancellation of the conference. However, they mentioned: “Given this decision, this year we’ll celebrate the next generation of gaming with the Xbox community and all who love to play via an Xbox digital event.” Microsoft promised to provide more information and details soon.


Nintendo team said that they support the decision of canceling E3 because the health of their users and fans is a much more important thing. “We are considering various ways to engage with our fans and will have more to share as the year continues”, said Nintendo representative.


Ubisoft also supports this decision and lets its team explore “other options for a digital experience that will allow them to share all the exciting news they have planned”.

Other Companies

EA, Developer Digital, Square Unix, and all other companies completely agree with such a decision. And what about you? Do you support the cancelation? Share in the comments below.

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