Top 5 Best Team Chats

Are you searching for team chat apps to provide better communication with your colleagues? Check these top best team chat apps in 2020.

Which Chat for Teams to Choose?

Discord is an ambitious project that was created as the best voice chat for gaming. The main idea of ​​Discord is that it is not just a voice chat; it’s a platform that allows you to create communication in a team. Ideally, Discord helps the team to get rid of groups and chats on social networks altogether, completely transferring their communication to Discord. The app works both as a desktop and mobile version.

TeamSpeak is a veteran of team communication and is still one of the most popular team communication services, despite its intimidating interface and subtle server setup. The main advantage of the TeamSpeak is that it allows you to organize voice chat for hundreds or even thousands of people, which is important for large companies.

Zoom is a popular team video chat service for creating video and audio calls using the Internet connection. The free version of Zoom allows you to create group conferences up to 40 minutes long, with up to 100 people joining. The paid version with no time limits starts with $15 per month. The New York Times and The Wirecutter called Zoom ‘the best online meeting software for people working from home’.

Google Hangouts Chat is a fantastic boost addition to already famous Google Hangouts video calls. Being completely focused on business, Google Hangouts Chat combines designs of Google Talk text chat and Hangouts video conferencing to provide great functionality and quickly become the most convenient way to discuss new projects or ideas. 

The Hangouts Chat system allows bringing all teammates together on the one service, so the workflow can be an efficient and easy process. To start a chat, you have to log in to your G Suite account, and the Hangouts will automatically add all of your contacts to the chat. It is especially comfortable to use Hangouts Chat for the companies, which use Gmail as an essential working service. You don’t have to download the Hangouts Chat separately since it is already included in all of the Google packages (G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise). 

Slack is a hybrid of a messenger, planner, and email client. This software is created for communication and teamwork that allows you to conduct real-time conversations and exchange files. For large corporations, it helps to systematize work on projects with the transactions and a client base for business. The basic rate allows you to use Slack for personal purposes, or to communicate with friends and relatives. The program provides instant synchronization on mobile devices, as well as a huge database of integrations with other applications.

How To Recognize the Best Team Chat?

A good team chat should be easy to use and have a straightforward interface. Another important feature is multiplatform. A proper team chat has to be available for Android and iOS, and, of course, desktop OS. The next significant thing is integration. Your team chat app has to easily intertwine with other apps to provide the best productivity. And last but not least, it shouldn’t have any timing limitations.
I hope this guide will help you to find the best chat for teams. Which one do you currently use?

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