Ten Weather Clock Widgets for Android

There are two types of information needed by almost everybody and usually as often as every hour of every day. Guess what? This is about time and weather. Making a schedule, we should take into account atmospheric effects that can interfere with our plans and cause a delay or cancelation of an important event or meeting. That is why it is important to have forecasts and to check the possible changes at the current moment.

Time requires us to be very self-disciplined if we want to be successful and manage to perform various tasks in our life. It is a measurement allowing us to understand that events progress, that we expect the result of our efforts right now, and we can arrange the details the best possible way.

So, you can hardly argue that you cannot do without constantly updated data of these two types. The mobile devices provide us such an opportunity, and the producers of software suggest tons of variations of the correspondent applications of various formats with different design and additional features. Considering the importance of the matter, we are going to discuss ten widgets delivering weather information developed especially for Android.


1Weather application screenshots

Let’s start with one of the best weather widgets for mobile devices: well-done, functional, delivering plenty of features. It will show the temperature, including real feel, suggest a forecast for ten days and twelve weeks, and make count on it. There is a radar here. The widget is clean appearing across the top of a home screen and suggesting a few customization options. You are offered to choose the color of the text, the transparent background, and a live weather theme which is not perfect, but it does not spoil the overall pattern.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground application screenshots

Another very popular and high-quality weather application is coming with several widgets. You can apply features allowing to know the hyper-local weather (for some areas) and get accurate forecasts. It delivers information about air quality measurements, UV measurements, and much more. You should pay for a yearly subscription to remove the ads completely. The price is reasonable, and the widgets are working without bugs. You can customize them a little bit.

Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets application screenshots

Again the very smart choice is Beautiful Widgets, popular and functional. You will find so many themes here to make them match your current mood. You can easily customize them by applying complex stuff. Set binary clocks, if you like it, or add the alarm, weather, date — a lot of optional data available. Despite the ack of updates since 2016, it looks very nice and works in a smooth way. We would recommend it for devices with older versions of the operating system.


Chronus application screenshots

Chronus provides a comprehensive user experience allowing to apply useful and stylish widgets of various kinds. This application provides you with weather information, a built-in clock, text messages, calendar, task notifications, and more. Choose one or all of the available assortment, and benefit from the widgets the most. They are simple and can be customized in accordance with your preferences. Combine them with various themes. They run smoothly with minor bugs. Some features are free. The others should be bought as in-app purchases.

Digital Clock Widget Xperia

Digital Clock Widget Xperia application screenshots

If you like the Sony Xperia’s stock clock widget, you are suggested to consider this one, which is almost the same but is available for any device. It allows you to choose widget sizes. At any time you want, you can replace 2×1 with 4×2, for instance. Also, it allows to customize the color and size of the font, formats of date and time, apply transparency, and other effects. You will get an optional weather element if you are interested in it. The price of this well-done product is affordable, and everything looks pretty.

Circle Clock

Circle Clock application screenshots

This is a very effective clock widget app without any distracting functions. If you install it, you will see a circle clock on your home screen showing both time and date. You can change fonts, colors, set 12 or 24hour clock format. There are also animation elements like the seconds displayed in the form of progress bars around the clock. Please, mind that all these beautiful effects make the battery to drain faster so if you do not want it, just disable animation. The app is free and, in general, it does not stand out a lot from the analogs. But if you want to change the one installed which doesn’t work for you, we would highly recommend opting for Circle Clock.

HD Widgets

HD Widgets application screenshots

This app was updated last year, and as we can judge, it has become better. It is still efficient and attractive for the users, though it is considered one of the older clock widgets. You will find weather data, date, toggles, and other such optional things here. Choose any base layout and customize it, applying any color you want. It’s a little old school, but it functions just fine as a clock widget. Perhaps the design could be more interesting, but functionality is rather good here.

Sense Flip Clock

Sense Flip Clock application screenshots

The iconic flip design of a clock widget has been borrowed by a lot of applications, and this one is no exception. There are three available sizes (5×2, 4×1, 4×2) here. You can apply animation and other customization options if you want it to look more vivid and attractive. The widget supports weather reports. We offer this clock widget if you like the HTC’s one which is gone already. They have much in common, but still Sense Flip Clock is better. You will not be interrupted by advertising in addition.

Weather and Clock Widget

Weather and Clock Widget application screenshots

Weather and Clock Widget is full of various options. You will find here a forecast for ten days, the temperature at the moment plus hourly temperature. You can set the location manually or use an automatic feature. Apply various themes, sizes, and more, finding your individual style. Free and pro versions are available. The latter does not contain any advertisements.


KWGT and KLWP application screenshots

These are the apps allowing to make individual widgets and live wallpapers, respectively. You can choose any of them if you want to put clocks on the home screen of your device. The former one allows you to create a custom widget of any format with any decoration. It provides weather data too. The latter will not allow you to create widgets, but you can make live wallpapers with clocks – what is actually the same. Decide on priority and install the preferred app. Free and premium versions are available.

OEM clock widgets

OEM clock widgets application screenshots

These widgets come with your smartphone, and you are not expected to do any additional moves to install them. Usually, they include a weather clock widget and a clock widget alone. Various developers provide users with weather information from different sources. Just make sure that your default product meets your expectations. Perhaps there is no sense to look for something else in addition. Usually, such widgets are customizable and simple, with minimum features.

Vital staff

Time value is so important that nobody can do without checking it constantly. Everyone needs to respect it and be in time for all events he is going to participate in. Besides, you must know the weather conditions in your current location and in the place you are going to leave for. These are two vital components of fruitful and pleasant daily activities. You can enjoy every minute in your life, and it is much easier to do when you have an accurate clock and weather forecast within reach. Permit yourself to combine several things in one. What’s better than a smartphone! 

Just download a widget you prefer with helpful stuff and be sure to succeed!

Whatever functionality it suggests, still the key purpose of a weather and clock widget is to display the correspondent information on the home page without much users’ efforts to find it in the menu. You are not expected to open the application first to access this information.

The weather and clock widgets are so popular that we do not even think that they can differ a lot and there is a sense to spend our time considering variants and choosing the appropriate one. Anyway, there are so many offers on the market with various design and additional features.

Choose the one you like, which will be simple to view without straining eyes to see the tiny figures showing the time or temperature on a status bar clearly. And it is nice when such widgets offer some other useful data expanding its functionality.

We hope that the above list has suggested enough choices to select from. If you think so, we’ll appreciate your comments below the article. Please, share it with your friends if the information is useful.

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