Free PDF Readers for Your Mac

We use PDF files every day, without paying too much attention to it. They are light, compatible with numerous systems, and keep the quality of the document. Besides, it is almost impossible to edit an already made PDF document, which makes it one of the most trustable way to exchange business and important information.

In-built PDF Readers

There is no problem with PDF files as far as there are in-built PDF readers on your device. You don’t have to look for a program to open PDF files. Usually, we don’t even know that there are lots of various openers for this type of files, as we use the one that was already there.

However, depending on the settings you want to receive from PDF reader, you may try a different approach. There are more enhanced readers with unique benefits and features on the market. They offer additional tools, faster work, or lighter weight. Some of them are good for corporate use, others for eBooks reading, and so on.

Top 6 PDF Readers

If you need a third-party PDF reader, you can read this list. All of the apps mentioned below are free of charge and do not require any special knowledge about them. Each of them is suitable for Mac and popular among its users.

PDF Professional

PDF Professional screenshot

Price: Free of charge

This app offers various reading modes to its users. PDF Professional offers advanced services. It works with PDF files for the Mac platform. You can now convert PDF files at the same app that opens it, reads, edits and makes annotations. Mac owners claim it is the best and easiest PDF reader with numerous benefits for eBook readers.

All tools are gathered in one place and easy to reach. The design of the interface is clear and well-developed. You will learn how to use this app in no time. The app offers to add images and links inside the text. There is even the possibility to respond to the annotations sent to you with the PDF file. If you had problems in the past with filling PDF documents with your data, forget about them. Now you don’t have to copy all the information into docs manually. Fill statics forms inside the PDF. Protect this information with a reliable password so nobody can access it. The app is free of charge and has a Text To Speech option that allows you to choose the text that you want to be read aloud.


Skim PDF Reader screenshot

Price: Free of charge

Skim is a real treasure for eBook readers. It has an open-source mechanics. You can always read and make annotations with the help of Skim. While its official website offers to use the app for scientific papers, it is equally beneficial for any type of fiction and non-fiction. You can download and open your favorite books in Skim. Highlight the parts you’d love to share with your friends later, make notes, edit them, view other people’s notes.

Skim also supports the Spotlight. It means that you can search the text from there directly. There is a full-screen mode available that makes Skim convenient to use. There are no OCR features in the app. But if you don’t need it, you may use Skim as a reading tool. Beware! This software was not updated since 2017, so it may cause some security risks. The app is free of charge.

Adobe Reader for Mac

Adobe Reader for Mac screenshot

Price: Free of charge/ you can buy an advanced version of the app

Adobe Reader is a well-known name and the company that stands behind PDF format creation. For years it is one of the most popular and obvious choices to open PDF files. Mac owners find Adobe Reader intuitive and simple in use. It is completely free and offers various features.

Adobe Reader helps to open, print, and make comments on PDF files. Besides, the program supports Adobe Document Cloud. With this tool, you will be able to reach all your PDF files that are being kept on various devices. If you believe that these basic tools are not enough for you, choose the paid option called Acrobat Pro DC.

PDF Reader Document Expert

PDF Reader Document Expert poster

Price: Free trial period/$4.99 per month

PDF Reader Document Expert is one of the highest-rated apps on the official App Store. It offers advanced reading options, signing and editing files. Via this app, you will be able to make annotations, add shapes, highlight parts of the text, insert links and add stamps up to your choice. There is a night mode for readers.

The documents can be easily shown as slides, and you don’t have to worry about its protection with Touch ID or Face ID security options. The interface is user-friendly. All the tools are placed in order. There are signed buttons for your convenience. You may check numerous PDF files at the same time, represented as tabs. The app offers a free trial period so you can check it before paying for a subscription. One month's subscription costs $4.99.


PDFElement screenshot

Price: Free of charge. You can buy advanced functions for $59.95

PDFElement app is stuffed with numerous features for your macOS. It offers different images, text adding, link, text highlighting, OCR technology for its users. The app has an incredibly intuitive interface, which some people consider even easier than Adobe Reader.

This program is more than a simple PDF reader. It is an editor for your PDF files, as well. You may add images, charts, text. If you are worried about the security of the document, put password protection on your files. This is one of the best alternative readers for Mac. Its basic version is completely free. If you want to use the advanced tools for professional PDF reading, you can always buy a paid version for $59.99.

iSkysoft PDF Editor

iSkysoft PDF Editor screenshot

Price: Free trial period/$99.95 for a complete version

iSkysoft PDF Editor offers premium advantages for PDF file users. The interface is neat and intuitive. There is a free trial period, so you can check whether you like this app or not. But during this period the OCR functions will be unavailable and you will not be able to convert over 5 pages of text to PDF or combine over 50 files at the same time.

This is paid software with professional tools. Still, you can always check its main features for free before buying it. The cost of iSkysoft PDF Editor is $99.95.

Which PDF Reader is Better?

You don’t actually have to choose one from the list. You can download all of these apps or check them one by one. Most of them are free, and some of them have a free trial period. Choose something you like by trying it at work.

If you have already tried PDF readers from the list, share your opinion about them in the comments below. Name the one you like the most or the one you did not like at all. We want to hear your thoughts about these apps.

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