Best 2020 Apps to Achieve Your Goals

New Year is the time to make valuable resolutions. It’s high time to start doing something to become a better person, to exercise more, to read new books, or finally start a personal blog! Now, let’s call your resolution a goal and think about how to implement it. 

Your smartphone can be very helpful for that purpose. It’s a powerful computer in your pocket that can do many measurements. And if you can measure something, it becomes much more manageable. In the list below, you will find the best 2020 apps that will assist you in reaching your goals.

Goodreads – Become a Regular Reader

Goodreads screenshot

Making yourself read regularly is perhaps even harder than start exercising. Goodreads is designed to help you turn reading into a daily habit and fit it into your busy schedule. According to over 100 000 reviews on Google Play, the app helps to double the number of books that you read yearly. The service lets you search for new books to read, highlight completed titles, leave reviews, and get a daily portion of motivation. If one of your goals is to read more literature of any kind, try Goodreads. 

Blinkist – The Non-Fiction Hub

Blinkist screenshot

Blinkist is another app for reading books, but its main focus is non-fiction literature. The app provides the easiest way to look through thousands of highlights in minutes. Unlike Goodreads, it offers you both textual and audio versions of each book in the library so that you can choose the most convenient one for your situation. If your aim is to consume more information in less time, then Blinklist will come in handy.  

Calory – Healthy Eating Habits

calory app screenshot

The Calory app is called to help you with daily food intake tracking in the fastest way possible. First of all, it has a built-in barcode scanner for processed goods and a library of foods for instant matching. When the match is done, the app counts consumed calories and adds a record to the journal. For natural meals, there’s a comprehensive library or vegetables, fruits, bread, and many more. Calory is the simplest way to count calories and manage your diet.

Day One – For Valuable Thoughts

Day One app screenshot

Day One is an advanced electronic journal. It can help you to write down your daily thoughts and organize them in a convenient feed. The app is available for all smartphones, computers, and smartwatches so that you can not only type but make voice records on the go too. Then you can add various media files, such as photos, audio, or links, to your notes to make them more descriptive. It’s a perfect way to have a diary of your life or keep records for a blog. 

Tempo – Track Your Runs

tempo app screenshot

The Tempo app is a running tracker for iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s focused on calculating the data from your Apple Watch and visualizing your progress in the automated journal. It includes special sports features such as multiple-workout days, intensity log, progress graphs, and more. Many professional runners use it for racing preps. The only disadvantage is that you can’t use it effectively without a smartwatch. 

Strava – Run and Cycle

Strava app screenshot

Unlike the Tempo app, Strava can track your running and cycling activities without additional wearables. If uses only the GPS module of your device to count mileage. Depending on your speed, it can automatically decide which type of exercise you are doing at the moment. Strava is also perfect storage for your progress records. All data is saved on your personal cloud automatically so that you can restore the information even if you deleted it by accident. Strava is less professional than Tempo, but still perfect for your 2020 sports goals, especially if you alternate running and cycling. 

Scanbot – Go Parepless

Scanbot app screenshot

Caring about the environment in 2020 is more important than ever. We have gadgets, so why still using paper for ongoing tasks, such as scanning? Scanbot will help you to reduce the usage of paper and digitalize documents using only your device’s camera. It can scan documents in a second and save them to your Google Drive account automatically. Besides, you can draw quick notes with your finger before saving scans. 

Sleep++ – For Better Sleeping 

Sleep++ app screenshot

Statistically, every second American suffers from problems with sleeping. If you want to be on the healthier side of the country, try the Sleep ++ service. This advanced tracker can evaluate the quality of your sleep and record your biorhythms every night using Apple Watch. If you don’t have one, you can still record sleeping hours manually. The app will provide you with useful sleeping tips and offer you to sync with the Apple Health app. 

Dark Noise – Sleeping Aid

dark noise app screenshot

The purpose of Dark Noise is fixing your sleeping issues with the use of white noise. It’s an unusual experience for the first time, but soon you will notice how relaxing it is to listen to white noise. The library includes 30 frequencies that work with a slight difference. Try each of them to ding the most comfortable frequency and loudness, and just let it play. Eventually, you will become less sensitive to noises and raise the quality of your sleep. 

Kwit – For Smoking Quitters 

kwit app screenshot

Giving up smoking is one of the most difficult goals to set, especially if you’ve been a smoker for several years in a row. Fortunately, with Kwit, the task becomes much easier. This app lets you track non-smoking days and get a daily portion of personalized motivation and tips. For each non-smoking streak, you will get 84 achievements and over 200 motivational cards. Moreover, you can make your progress public and enter the competition with other Kwitters. You will also see how your body gets healthier and how much money you save day by day. 

Keep Moving!

Don’t try to do everything at once. Move towards your goals in small steps, and don’t look at others. Your success has a unique road, and it’s only you who can walk it. Did you find the app that could help you with your 2020 goal? Tell us about your experience below, and don’t be shy to share advice too. Retweet the article on social media so that your friends and subscribers could start changing their reality too! 

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