Balancing Work with Life: Dual Apps

Have you ever heard of cloning apps? Many people find it convenient to use several accounts not only for games but also in messengers to balance between work and personal life. Messenger apps cloning features are already built-in in some Android gadgets by default, but usually only for trendy social networks. That is why I recommend using specialized tools for these purposes.

Work/Life Balance Apps

Parallel Space

This is the most famous service for the parallel use of multiple accounts. It allows you to create duplicates of already installed applications, which you can access through the Parallel Space menu.

Clones can be highlighted using various interface themes to avoid confusion. The option is relevant for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Some clones will require additional installation of the 64-bit version of the service directly from the application.


At the first launch, MoChat will offer to add accounts for only a few popular applications, but later, you can check the full list. For each clone, you can make an icon on the desktop, which will be highlighted with a purple corner. This will help you to differentiate original and cloned apps.

The service allows you to use more than three accounts simultaneously and quickly switch between them. MoChat is fast enough and not visually overloaded, with a straightforward interface.

Multiple Accounts

Another simple service with the ability to add only one additional account for each installed application. It works quickly and without additional downloads. It has no adds, which is a big advantage on the background of more famous counterparts.

App Cloner

In this application, cloned apps work completely independently of the original apps for works. They do not update automatically, which means that you can save the old version of the application and enjoy it along with the new one if you need it.

You can customize the cloned app’s icon by choosing a color, changing rotation, etc. The Premium version offers options for incognito mode, password protection, and no mobile networks for duplicated applications.

Work/Life Balance: How To Make It on the iPhone

All of the above-stated apps are available at the Play Market for Android gadgets. If you use an iPhone, check the App Store for Dual space lite, Dual Accounts Multi Space App, or Dual Messenger for Message App. These apps provide the same functionality for iOS smartphones.

Do You Use Dual Apps?

Having multiple accounts for one social network isn’t a bad thing. After all, you can’t use your working social page for contacting friends and vice versa. Some people manage to group different chats in one app, and others feel more secure by having different accounts for communicating. Which side are you on? Using dual apps is my personal experience, and I feel comfortable with it, so that’s why I wanted to share it with you.

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