10 Apps Look Amazing With iOS 13 Dark Mode

Last September, the Apple team introduced a bunch of updates for iOS and named this pack iOS 13. It has a lot of new features, including the much-desired dark mode. Besides the fact that Dark Mode is more healthy for your eyes, especially at night, and saves battery life, it just looks good. Dark Mode not only changes the way your menu looks on iPhone but also forces third-party developers to adapt their applications for a totally new Mode. Today we want to share with you our 10 favorite apps that look amazing in Dark Mode.

#1: Slack

Having millions of active daily users, Slack is considered one of the TOP applications for messaging. Besides the opportunity to write and send text messages, it offers a lot of other benefits, like the ability to create virtual rooms, send different media files, and integrate with extra platforms and services. To tell the truth, Slack released Dark Mode a very long time ago, but then you had to open the application and change the color palette in the settings. In iOS 13, everything is automated: if your phone has a Dark Theme, the application will automatically select this option in its settings.

#2: Fantastical


Fantastical is one of the most beloved applications among our team. It allows you to expand the capabilities of a regular calendar, thanks to the integration of a huge number of useful features. Besides the fact that we always liked the application interface, in Dark Mode it began to look even better and brighter. There are a lot of neon signs and icons that help to highlight the information. 

#3: Google News


Google News is a news aggregator developed and published by Google. It gathers different articles and reports from hundreds of popular media resources. Similar to Slack, Google News presented its Dark Mode before Apple. But if earlier you needed to turn it on in the app’s Settings, now you simply choose the Dark mode in the iPhone’s settings and the application adjusts its color palette. The theme keeps the original look and navigation but adds a black on the background. 

#4: Wikipedia


Wikipedia is the platform that you most probably use and visit every day. This unique free encyclopedia has the answers to almost all questions from different fields! The default application has a white color on the background, black fonts, and uses pastel colors to highlight the blocks with important information. Dark Mode changes the encyclopedia’s look totally: now you will have light fonts, black background, and dark color tones for information highlighting. 

#5: Twitter


Unlike most applications, Twitter does not use a black on the background, it chose dark grey. The fonts of tweets and tabs name recolored to white, but the blue color that was used for links, tabs names and some icons remained the same. The developers did not make any serious changes to the application’s appearance. You can switch it to the Dark Mode in the app’s settings or just choose the Dark Mode on the iPhone or iPad. 

#6: Pandora Radio


Pandora Radio is a worldwide music streaming and music recommendation internet radio powered by an American company, Music Genome Project. The platform serves three mobile applications running on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10 OS. Choosing a Dark Mode, you will get a totally new look for your application. The background colors are black and dark grey. The fonts are white. Other colors did not change from the Light Mode. So they have a neon look. 

#7: Memorised


Memorised is a fun and easy game that can help you to improve your memory. It suits people of different ages and genders. All you need is a strong desire to boost your ability to remember words and a little bit of free time! Overall, the interface is very simple and intuitive. And, in our opinion, the Dark Mode really improves the appearance of the application. Although, the main elements and colors are not changed, placing them on a black background making them brighter and more saturated. 

#8: HealthFit


HealthFit is the app that can export and analyze your workouts from dozens of applications, including MapMyFitness, Cycling Analytics, MapMyRun, Ride with GPS, MapMyBike. It was developed by Apple Inc and released exclusively for iOS devices. Since there are many different graphs and maps, this is one of the few applications whose design changes almost completely with a change in a color theme. As for us, HealthFit with Dark Mode looks much more styled. The colors are brighter and more saturated. 

#9: iMovie


Another great application developed by Apple Inc. for iPhones, iPads, and Mac OS devices is iMovie. The platform was released 20 years ago. The app allows you to modify and enhance video, add new effects, create movie trailers, and so on. It has a very nice look with a Dark Mode. The main colors are black on the background, white for the text, green for various bars, and blue for icons. 

#10: Instagram


Instagram doesn’t need to be introduced! This social platform for sharing photos and videos is well known in all countries around the world. By the way, do you know that Instagram was recognized as the 4th most downloaded mobile application of the 2010s? Now it is available in 32 different languages. We do not want to list here all the rewards and features that Instagram has. Better let's to discuss its Dark Mode. Unlike other apps listed above, Instagram did not have this color palette before, only so, it was a really new improvement. The developers placed a totally black background and used light colors for text. Other colors remain the same. In truth, the first days of use, immediately after the switch, are a little unusual, but then you quickly get used to it and completely forget about the Light Theme.

Share Your Amazing Apps

Are you an iPhone user that uses Dark Mode? So, most likely, you have some applications that look amazing with a new color theme. Share with us in the box for comments below. And don’t forget to mention why you like them, maybe the interface is just the case. 


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