The Baths of Ischia, an Italian Natural Heritage

The best thermal baths of Ischia: to make a classification is almost impossible. Let’s start by saying that every municipality on the island of Ischia has a Thermal Park or Gardens: they are outdoor spas, beautiful gardens with flowers, plants, thermal pools where you can relax; in all there are six, one for each municipality.

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On Holiday in Salento in August

Salento is one of the richest lands in history, magic, flavours and colours that the whole of Italy has to offer. Spending your holidays in Salento can be a wonderful opportunity to combine a little ‘well-deserved rest to the pleasant cultural, food and wine and sports that this beautiful land can offer.

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5 Must-See Things to See in Berlin

Berlin is a city rich in art, history, culture and opportunities for relaxation.

If you want your next holiday in Berlin to be a perfect mix of these elements there is only one thing to do: arm yourself with pen and paper and write down these five tips on what to see absolutely in the German city!

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