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  8/17/2017 9:14:22 PM        
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UACC Auction Listings for JD Bardwell Autographs

Listed below are the lots for this auction.  Clicking on a lot name will show a detailed description of that lot and allow you to place a bid.  Each page will only show 100 lots so you can navigate to the next page using the links at the bottom.   CB stands for Current Bid and MB stands for Minimum Bid.  A lot that lists MB means that it hasn't yet been opened.
558009 Jessica Alba  MB$70
558010 Tim Allen  MB$20
558011 Lake Bell  MB$20
558012 Tabrett Bethell  MB$20
558013 Robert Blake  MB$40
558014 Emily Blunt  MB$25
558015 James Blunt  CB$25
558016 John Bradley  MB$20
558017 Pierce Brosnan  MB$45
558018 Katie Cassidy  MB$20
558019 Dean-charles Chapman  MB$25
558020 Priyanka Chopra  MB$95
558021 Kelsey Chow  MB$20
558022 Tosin Cole  MB$20
558023 Lauren Compton  MB$20
558024 Charlie Cox  MB$25
558025 Alexa Demie  MB$20
558026 Debi Derryberry  MB$15
558027 Jenna Dewan  MB$15
558028 Vincent D'onofrio  MB$20
558029 Jeffrey Donovan  MB$20
558030 Alisen Down  MB$20
558031 Olivia Taylor Dudley  MB$20
558033 Kirsten Dunst  MB$45
558034 Joel Edgerton  CB$20
558035 Gareth Edwards  MB$25
558036 Tom Ellis  MB$20
558037 Jodelle Ferland  MB$20
558038 Joanne Froggatt  MB$15
558039 Janina Gavankar  MB$15
558040 Kathie Lee Gifford  MB$15
558041 Michelle Gomez  CB$25
558042 Ginnifer Goodwin  MB$20
558043 Rupert Grint  MB$40
558044 Josh Groban  MB$25
558045 Alison Haislip  MB$15
558046 Kevin Hart  MB$20
558047 Briga Heelan  MB$20
558048 Tricia Helfer  MB$20
558049 Brendan Hines  MB$20
558050 Katie Holmes  MB$60
558051 Sofia Hublitz  MB$15
558052 Kerry Ingram  CB$20
558053 Gillian Jacobs  MB$15
558055 Milla Jovovich  MB$50
558056 Gail Kim  MB$15
558057 Kenya Kinski-jones  MB$20
558058 Alice Krige  MB$20
558059 Anthony Lapaglia  MB$15
558060 Lela Loren  MB$20
558061 Jack Lowden  MB$20
558062 Kelly Lynch  MB$15
558063 Andie Macdowell  MB$20
558064 Seth Macfarlane  MB$25
558065 Tohoru Masamune  MB$20
558066 Mercedes Masohn  MB$15
558067 James Mcavoy  MB$20
558068 Kandyse Mcclure  MB$20
558069 Josh Mcdermitt  MB$15
558070 Dominique Mcelligott  MB$15
558071 Jesse Metcalfe  MB$20
558072 Kate Micucci  MB$15
558073 Lea Michele  MB$30
558074 Jennifer Morrison  MB$25
558075 Samantha Mumba  MB$15
558076 Olivia Munn  MB$20
558077 Conan O'brien  MB$20
558078 Melissa O'neil  MB$20
558079 Al Pacino  MB$50
558080 Grace Park  MB$30
558081 Mary Louise Parker  MB$20
558082 Missy Peregrym  MB$25
558083 Tyler Posey  MB$15
558084 Andrew Lee Potts  MB$20
558085 Drew Powell  MB$15
558086 Christina Ricci  MB$30
558087 Daniela Ruah  MB$20
558088 Roselyn Sanchez  MB$20
558089 Rodrigo Santoro  MB$20
558090 Melanie Scrofano  MB$20
558091 Dominic Sherwood  MB$20
558092 Sarah Silverman  MB$20
558093 Eugene Simon  MB$20
558094 Sean Teale  MB$20
558095 Lew Temple  MB$15
558096 Justin Theroux  MB$15
558097 Bella Thorne  MB$20
558098 Ashley Tisdale  MB$30
558099 Alan Tudyk  MB$15
558100 Laura Vandervoort  MB$20
558101 Riley Voelkel  MB$30
558102 Naomi Watts  MB$50
558103 Gemma Whelan  CB$25
558104 Rainn Wilson  MB$15
558105 Alicia Witt  MB$25
558106 Patrizia Yanguela  MB$20
558107 Weird Al Yankovic  MB$20
558108 Jacklyn Zeman  MB$15
558109 Spider-man  MB$50
558110 Sons Of Anarchy  MB$50
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