JD Bardwell Autographs
Owners: JD Bardwell
UACC Registered Dealer: #RD001
P.O. Box 324
York, ME 03909
TEL: (207) 351-3273
FAX: (707) 897-0652

WebSite: www.AutographWorld.com
Email: bardwell@autographworld.com

Organizations: Member of the UACC, The Manuscript Society
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Catalogs: We now feature constant on-line auctions.
Specializing in Entertainment autographs at affordable prices. We've been in business for over 14 years, and offer a wide variety of entertainment autographs. Our sources are the best, and most of the autographs that we offer are obtained in person. We now feature two ways to acquire autographs from us - all via auction. Click below on the logo to go straight to our listings. For signed celebrity photos and signature cards, we are the choice of autograph collectors world wide.
JD Bardwell with UACC President Paul Carr, receiving the 2000 UACC Distinguished Service Award.

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